Film Thank You Review

Film Thank You Review: Welcome to director Anees Bazmee's newfangled ‘comedy’ Thank You that zips you afar to a planet where cheating hubbies attempt to defeat their snickering, suspecting wives even as a woodwind-fiddling investigator attempts to get the cheaters off guard.

The lustful drive of married men has been the juice of a large number of a Bollywood drama and the viewers have lapped it like a pro with the savage happiness of someone who's missed the activity and now preferences to view the pillorying of those who got a piece of it.

In that sense, Anees Bazmee's Thank You could hit a suppressed harmony with those cinegoers with a taste for comic drama rolling out of auxiliary-conjugal misfortunes of cheating hubbies, and for a dash of titillation, civility the droves of two-piece-clad blondes who fling themselves over and around the desi men in most exceptionally suggestive of stances.

Akshay Kumar, adhering to his no-keeps-obstructed adage, gets the firang darlings here, there and all over, gets sensitive-feely with Sonam Kapoor, shakes a leg with Mallika Sherawat, and even has a warm grip with Vidya Balan. Notwithstanding he, of all men, plays the analyst out to nail the masti-looking for hubbies.

The plot is threadbare. Bobby Deol, Irrfan Khan and Sunil Shetty play a few mates driven more by their moxie than devotion to their individual mates, played by Sonam Kapoor, Rimi Sen and Celina Jaitley. The wives contract a private investigator (Akshay) to uncover their hubbies' betrayal but discomfort begins when the criminologist falls for one of the women.

The humour, average of any Bazmee film, stays strictly passerby, with the unconsummated sex cavorts of the hubbies busted at the same time as foreplay and them being dragged out to the lodging entryways or alternate teetering on window ledges in insignificant bathrobes. All the more Akshay is made to run semi-bare on the lanes of Montreal with nothing something greater than a towel blanket his male humility. More rare than not, the humour leaves you with a stifled smile at the unreasonableness of the scenario. Nothing more.

A few bits of bona fide roar are given by the preferences of Irrfan Khan (playing an oppressive hubby requesting around his compliant wife every last trace of the time) and Sunil Shetty (going ‘oo--laa-affirmative-o’ at his partner's mishap). The most empty of the parcel is Bobby Deol, while the women, with somewhat small to do, are appallingly out of structure. Sonam hams, shrouds her slender edge behind fashioner dresses. Celina surprisingly adheres to saris and goes out absent for most part of the film. Rimi Sen looks like she's been gorging on chocolates and chhola bhatura.

All declared, Thank You remains a wordy, bum-hurting drama packed with the stiflers we’ve at present viewed and smiled senseless at. Very coarsely, it stereotypes man as unalterably unbridled and even names them as ‘dogs’. Trust PETA won’t take offence.


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